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Never run out of material
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Because of our unique spaced repetition system based on interference

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How it works

Step 1: You read a lesson and learn a small chunk of new grammar.

Japanese grammar lesson

Step 2: You learn the new words that were used in the grammar lesson.

Learn Japanese words

Step 3: You practice the new words and the new grammar together …

Learn Japanese words and grammar

… until you know all of it

Japanese lesson 100%

Step 4: After completing a lesson, everything you've learned will be repeated intelligently while you practice new lessons, such that you'll never forget it.

Japanese lesson completed

Our mission

We believe our classical education system is inefficient and boring.

This is why we want to digitize and personalize education.

And below you can see why this would be better.

Classical Digitized & personalized
Learning speed Either too fast or too slow Adjusted to student
Teaching style Same for everyone Adjusted to student
Quality of teaching Average Only top quality
Self chosen subjects Very limited choice Virtually limitless choice

We've started with language courses, and this is just the beginning.

We intend to cover all theoretical subjects in pre-college education.

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In return you get full access to all of our material.

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