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The most comprehensive language courses

Other platforms mostly teach you words and sentences, and only slightly touch the subject of grammar. At, we aim to give you a thorough understanding of every piece of grammar the moment you start using it. In that way, you'll master the language much better in the long run.

Learn with maximum efficiency

We use a spaced repetition system based on interference. This means that instead of repeating a word after a certain amount of time, we repeat it after a certain amount of interference (from other words). We belief this to be a much better reflection of how our memory actually works, and therefore more effective.

Create your own word lists

If you encounter words and phrases in real life that you haven't seen in our courses, then you can create your own word lists. In this way, you can use our spaced repetition system to learn anything you want.

It's all for free

We don't charge for anything on this website, at least for now.