Japanese 238 - Vocabulary expansion 30

a few; a little; scarce; insufficientすくないsukunai
I have little money.かね が すくない です。okane ga sukunai desu.
The population of this town is small.この まち の じんこう は すくない。kono mati no zinkou ha sukunai.

is a political term that designates a city as an administrative unit. It's equivalent to the English word city when used in the context of a municipality.

The population of this city is about 500,000.この  の じんこう は じゅうまんにん ぐらい です。kono si no zinkou ha gozyuumannin gurai desu.
Tokyo Cityとうきょうtoukyousi
The weather in Tokyo City is hot.とうきょう の てん は あつい です。toukyousi no tenki ha atui desu.

is more generic than and refers to the concept of a city as a populated and developed area. It doesn't necessarily imply a political or administrative boundary like does. The term is more comparable to the English use of urban area or metropolis.

That city has a population of 1 million.その  の じんこう は ひゃくまんにん です。sono tosi no zinkou ha hyakumannin desu.
a city with a small populationじんこう が すくない zinkou ga sukunai tosi
I want to live in a city with a small population.じんこう が すくない  に みたい です。zinkou ga sukunai tosi ni sumitai desu.
announcement; presentation; publicationはっぴょうhappyou
Her presentation was short.かのじょ の はっぴょう は みじかかった。kanozyo no happyou ha mizikakatta.
Do you want to hear the announcement?はっぴょう を きたい です か。happyou wo kikitai desu ka.
to announce; to present; to publishはっぴょうするhappyousuru
He made an announcement.かれ は はっぴょうしました。kare ha happyousimasita.