World History 1 154 - 10.2 The Byzantine Empire and Persia

By the end of this section, you will be able to:

  • Explain the evolution of the Byzantine Empire in Late Antiquity
  • Describe Sasanian culture and society in Late Antiquity
  • Analyze the relationship between the Roman Empire and Sasanian Persia in Late Antiquity

The period of Late Antiquity witnessed the height of two great competing empires. The Roman Empire morphed into the Byzantine Empire, possessing a culture that looked to both its Roman past and its Christian present. This duality was exemplified in the reign of the emperor Justinian, who sought to reconquer the old empire. Meanwhile, in the East, the Sasanian Empire emerged with its own vibrant culture and vied with the Byzantines for supremacy. This situation set the stage for the emergence in the following period of smaller but still disruptive states.

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