Spanish 53 - Direct object pronouns

to treat
the respectesteem, consideration
el respeto
He treats me with much respect.
Me trata con mucho respeto.
I believe youinformal.
Te creo.
Are you reading the book? Yes. I am reading it.
¿Lees el libro? Sí. Lo leo.
Are you buying the house? No. I'm not buying it.
¿Compras la casa? No. No la compro.
Pablo treats her without respect.
Pablo la trata sin respeto.
the island
la isla
They are taking us to the island.
Nos llevan a la isla.
We are taking you allinformal to the island.
Vos llevamos a la isla.
Don't youinformal believe them?
¿No los crees?
Are you writing the letters? Yes. I am writing them.
¿Escribe las cartas? Sí. Las escribo.
I believe you.formal
Lo creo.