Spanish 42 - Animals

Some animals have masculine words ending in -o and similar feminine words ending in -a.

el gato
the cat
la gata
the catFEM
el cerdo
the pig
la cerda
the pigFEM

Other animals have completely different words for the male and the female gender.

el caballo
the stallion, the horse
la yegua
the mare
el toro
the bull
la vaca
the cow

And finally, there are animals which have only one grammatical gender, whether they are male of female.

el pez
the fish
el pez
the fishFEM
la mosca
the fly
la mosca
the flyFEM

We can use the words macho and hembra to distinguish between the male and female animals that have only one grammatical gender.

el pez macho
the male fish
el pez hembra
the female fish