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Lesson 137: Using ごろ and ぐらい for approximation

The words ごろ and ぐらい both mean approximately. The word ごろ is used when speaking about points in time.

English Japanese
At about what time is dinner? ばんはんなんごろですか。
bangohan ha nanzi goro desu ka.
(She) came home at about four a.m. ぜんごろにうちへました。
gozen yozi goro ni uti he kimasita.

When speaking about anything else than a point in time, for example a duration, we use the word ぐらい to mean approximately.

English Japanese
It took about a week. いっしゅうかんぐらいかかりました。
issyuukan gurai kakarimasita.
It was about sixty dollars. ろくじゅうドルぐらいでした。
rokuzyuu doru gurai desita.
(I) asked him about ten times. かれじゅっかいぐらいきました。
kare ni zyukkai gurai kikimasita.
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