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Lesson 61: The particle も


The particle means too or also. It always comes directly after the sentence topic or subject, replacing the or particle. Be careful not to confuse with もう, the word for already, which you learned earlier.

That person is Japanese too.あの ひと も ほんじん です。
ano hito mo nihonzin desu.
Did you also eat cherries today?きょ さくらんぼ も べました か?
kyou sakuranbo mo tabemasita ka?
China and Japan also do not have a king.ちゅうごく および ほん も おう が いません。
tyuugoku oyobi nihon mo ou ga imasen.
I did not die either.わたし も にません でした。
watasi mo sinimasen desita.
I also met her.わたし も かのじょ に いました。
watasi mo kanozyo ni aimasita.

The word および is one of several words in Japanese that roughly translate to and or as well as. It is only used to link nouns together in the pattern AおよびB.

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