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Lesson 172: Near, Next to, and Between

You've already learned several ways to describe the relative position of things in Japanese. In this lesson we will expand that vocabulary to include ちか, meaning near, となり, meaning next to, and あいだ, meaning between.

To say that A is near or next to B, we use the pattern AはBのXです, with X being ちか or となり respectively.

To say that A is between B and C, we use the pattern AはBとCのあいだです.

Below are some example sentences using these words in context.

English Japanese
Is Tokyo near Yokohama? とうきょうよこはまちかくですか?
toukyou ha yokohama no tikaku desu ka?
That's so. Tokyo is next to Yokohama. そうです。とうきょうよこはまとなりです。
sou desu. toukyou ha yokohama no tonari desu.
My car is between the Mercedes and Toyota. わたしくるまはメルセデスとトヨタのあいだです。
watasi no kuruma ha merusedesu to toyota no aida desu.
The new library is next to the bar. あたらしいしょかんはバーのとなりです。
atarasii tosyokan ha baa no tonari desu.
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