German - Schließlich ist seine Mittagspause vorbei.

WordSchließlich ist seine Mittagspause vorbei.
MeaningFinally his lunch break is over.
Part of speechsentence
LessonDie Geschichte des kleinen Mannes - Teil 6

Breakdown of Schließlich ist seine Mittagspause vorbei.

sein + masc. and neuter nouns seine + fem. nouns
the noon break; the lunch breakdie Mittagspause
words that end in -tag take an s if they are in first position of a combo.

However the word Tag itself changes into Tages.

die Mittagspause (the lunch break)

das Sonntagsessen (the Sunday meal)

die Tageszeit (the time of day)

over; pastvorbei
finally, eventuallyschließlich is an online learning platform

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