German 27 - Accusative - Revision

the masculine accusative - feminine accusative - neuter accusative
den - die - das
I see the man.
Ich sehe den Mann.
The man sees the child.
Der Mann sieht das Kind.
The child sees the woman.
Das Kind sieht die Frau.
The woman likes the child.
Die Frau mag das Kind.
I like the car.
Ich mag das Auto.
Do you see the big car?
Siehst du das große Auto?
Accusative form of you.
I like you.
Ich mag dich.
Accusative form of I
Do you see me?
Siehst du mich?
I don't see you.
Ich sehe dich nicht.
She eats the bread.
Sie ißt das Brot.
I guess we use more often 'Brot' without article, since generally 'das Brot' refers to a whole loaf of bread.

It can however also refer to a specific slice of bread, we talked about. The bread I made for her, the bread next to her plate ...

Then again in spoken language you would rather use a local dialect word for the slice of bread, as 'Stulle' (Berlin), Schnitte (Northern Germany),Bemme (Sachsen), Butterschmier (Saarland), Bütterken (Lower Rhein), Knifte (a bit more to the west), Donge (at the border to Rheinland Pfalz)...

Don't kill yourself by trying to memorize all those. I myself just knew about 2 of them :D

He drinks the coffee.
Er trinkt den Kaffee.
to buy
He buys the car.
Er kauft das Auto.
I've ordered the coffee.
Ich habe den Kaffee bestellt.
to pay for
He pays for the food.
Er bezahlt das Essen.
I pay for the pizza.
Ich bezahle die Pizza.
I don't eat the pizza.
Ich esse die Pizza nicht.
I don't buy the bread.
Ich kaufe das Brot nicht.
I don't pay for the coffee.
Ich bezahle den Kaffee nicht.
I don't see the car.
Ich sehe das Auto nicht.
Actually for this one particular sentence a different word order sounds more natural.

As it is it would be insisting on the fact that you can't see the car, like s.o. told you to look at the little green car over there and you said: Sorry I don't see it. He answers back: It's right in front of you... And you say: I really can't see it.

If the situation is that you are just coming back from a walk and say, Where's the car ? I don't see it...

Ich sehe nicht das Auto.

to want
I want
Ich will
I don't want that.
Ich will das nicht.
I don't like that.
Ich mag das nicht.
I don't eat that.
Ich esse das nicht.
I don't pay for that.
Ich bezahle das nicht.