Korean 8 - to be on top of / under (informal - polite)

on top of / on (wi-e)위에
on top of the chair (ui-ja wi-e)의자 위에
on the desk책상 위에
is situated /se trouve /there is /there are (informal polite) (iss-eo-yo)있어요
The pencil (Nom.) is (situated) on the desk. (inf. pol) (yeon-pil-i chaeg-sang wi-e iss-eo-yo.)연필이 책상 위에 있어요.
book (chaeg)
The book (Nom.) is on the desk. (chaeg-i chaeg-sang wi-e iss-eo-yo.)책이 책상 위에 있어요.
The butterfly is on the apple. (na-bi-ga sa-gwa wi-e iss-eo-yo.)나비가 사과 위에 있어요.
winter (gyeo-ul)겨울
in winter (gyeo-ul-e)겨울에
There are butterflies (Nom.) in winter. (gyeo-ul-e na-bi-ga iss-eo-yo)겨울에 나비가 있어요.
The apple(Nom.) is on the chair. (sa-gwa-ga ui-ja wi-e iss-eo-yo.)사과가 의자 위에 있어요.
dog (gae)
dog + Nominativ marker (gae-ga)개가
The dog (Nom.) is on the chair.(gae-ga ui-ja wi-e iss-eo-yo.개가 의자 위에 있어요.
cat (go-yang-i)고양이
cat +Nom. marker (go-yang-i-ga)고양이가
The cat (Nom. ) is on the desk. (go-yang-i-ga chaeg-sang wi-e iss-eo-yo.)고양이가 책상 위에있어요.
under (mit-e)밑에
under the desk (chaeg-sang mit-e)책상 밑에
mouse (jwi)
mouse +Nom. marker (jwi-ga)쥐가
There is a mouse under the desk. /The mouse is under the desk. (jwi-ga chaeg-sang mit-e iss-eo-yo.)쥐가 책상 밑에 있어요.
The bag (Nom.) is under the chair.(ga-bang-i ui-ja mit-e iss-eo-yo.)가방이 의자 밑에 있어요.