Korean 2 - to be (formal /polite) - Words ending in a vowel

what (formal) (mw-eos) (s silent when no vowel follows)무엇
is ? (formal) (ibnigga /pronounced imnigga)입니까
What is it? (formal) (mw-eos ibnigga)무엇입니까 ?
is (formal) (ibnida pron. : imnida)입니다
It is a butterfly. (formal) (Nabi ibnida)나비입니다.
It is an apple. (formal) (Sa-gwa ibnida)사과입니다.
It is a mother. (formal)(eomeoni ibnida)어머니입니다.
It is a chair. (formal) (uija ibnida.)의자입니다.
what (formal)무엇
is ? (formal)입니까
What is it? (formal)무엇입니까 ?
is (formal)입니다
It is a butterfly.나비입니다.
It is an apple. (formal)사과입니다.
It is a mother. (formal)어머니입니다
It is a chair. (formal)의자입니다.