World History 1 118 - 7.5 The Regions of Rome

By the end of this section, you will be able to:

  • Identify the regions of the Roman Empire and the way they related to the center of power
  • Describe the various peoples who made up the Roman Empire

The expansion of Rome’s borders created a process in which local communities both emulated and resisted Roman culture, and in which some cultural elements were imposed by the Romans themselves. In the western empire, the army spread Roman culture, and local life coexisted with the presence of Roman people and goods. In the eastern empire, including Egypt and the Levant, complex local life likewise persisted even as elites hoped to gain prominence in the imperial system. The exclusion or incorporation of foreigners was a perennial problem for the empire as it interacted with a wide swath of different cultures. Citizenship was a prized Roman cultural value, and its changing definition reflected the way Rome managed its empire.

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