World History 1 248 - 16.1 Asia, North Africa, and Europe in the Early Fourteenth Century

By the end of this section, you will be able to:

  • Analyze the impact of the Mongol conquest on China
  • Describe changes that took place in Mongol rule of the Middle East in the fourteenth century
  • Identify the causes of instability in Europe in the fourteenth century

The fourteenth century was a period of great instability in Asia, North Africa, and Europe. Although much of this precariousness was caused by climate change, famine, and epidemic disease, these natural phenomena might not have been so devastating if strong political and social institutions had existed to provide support for the people affected by these events. However, in China, the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe, war and conquest, conflicts among rulers, and the weakness of political and religious institutions affected the ability of kingdoms and empires to respond effectively to these challenges.

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