World History 1 246 - 15.4 Review Questions

What made cultural contact between the Sahel and the Mediterranean peoples of North Africa difficult?
Red Sea
Kalahari Desert
the Nile
In what African ecological system did the migrating Bantus likely adopt ironworking technology from the Nok?
tropical rainforest
semiarid grassland
What is the name of the branch of Christianity that emerged in Egypt?
What does the “Africanization” of Christianity and Islam in the medieval period refer to?
the blending of traditional African beliefs with those of Christianity and Islam
the process of converting African communities to monotheism
the development of holy books written in indigenous African languages
the diffusion of traditional African beliefs among the Abrahamic faiths of the Near and Middle East
The Ghana and Mali Empires were centered on what two capital cities, respectively?
Koumbi Saleh and Niani
Ouagadougou and Accra
Koubmi Saleh and Bure
Niani and Cairo
Who was Mansa Musa?
a Muslim ruler of the Mali Empire who made a pilgrimage to Mecca in the fourteenth century
a Christian ruler of the Swahili coast who traveled to China
a Muslim ruler of the Ghana Empire who followed the trans-Saharan trade route to Egypt
a pagan tribal chief who led a revolt against Islamized Africans in West Africa
What were the two principal goods the medieval empires of West Africa were renowned for trading in?
gold and salt
furs and ceramics
metalware and textiles
porcelain and ivory
What characterized the political systems of the West African empires?
A formerly independent kingdom incorporated into a larger empire often retained its identity and internal political structure.
When empires declined in power, they left anarchy behind.
Empires were indivisible organizations with stable borders.
Empires were synonymous with chiefdoms and engaged in nearly constant tribal warfare.
Bantu-speaking peoples brought innovations to southern Africa that led to the foundation of which medieval kingdoms?
Mapungubwe and Zimbabwe
Songhai and Mali
the Swahili coast and Natal
Mozambique and Lesotho
The Sanhaja and Masmuda founded what West African kingdoms, respectively?
Almoravid and Almohad
Mali and Ghana
Ghana and Egypt
Almohad and Al-Andalus
The Fatimid Caliphate followed ______ Islam.
Gao was the capital and important trading center of what kingdom?

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