Turkish - dahil

Part of speechpostposition
LessonIncluding/Excluding : Dahil/Hariç


For example:

Ahmet dahil. Including Ahmet.

Annen dahil. Including your mother.

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Usages of dahil

to include, to integrate, to incorporate intodahil etmek
Including you, everyone here is going to die.Sen dahil buradaki herkes ölecek.Sen dahil buradaki herkes ölecek.
It's forbidden to go backstage, including (for) security staff.Kulise girmek yasak, güvenlik görevlileri dahil.Kulise girmek yasak, güvenlik görevlileri dahil.
The salary of an average citizen is very low, including (that of) the doctors.Ortalama bir vatandaşın maaşı çok düşük, doktorlar dahil.