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Lesson 151: Including/Excluding : Dahil/Hariç

In Turkish, the words dahil and hariç are used to say including and excluding, respectively. Unlike the English to include and to exclude, there are no verbs dahilmek and hariçmek in Turkish. However, there are the verbs dahil etmek which means to include, and dışlamak which means to exclude.

Including you, everyone here is going to die. Sen dahil buradaki herkes ölecek.
It's forbidden to go backstage, including (for) security staff. Kulise girmek yasak, güvenlik görevlileri dahil.

As you can see, the words dahil and hariç are never conjugated. Hariç can also be translated as except for.

Except for Kamil, all of us are smart people. Kamil hariç hepimiz zeki insanlarız.
They are selling the products in the market to everyone without discount, excluding the employees. Marketteki ürünleri herkese indirimsiz satıyorlar, çalışanlar hariç.
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