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Kamil'in acilen dışarı çıkması gerekiyor.

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WordKamil'in acilen dışarı çıkması gerekiyor.
MeaningKamil needs to leave immediately. [Lit.] Kamil's immediate going outside is necessary.
Part of speechsentence

Breakdown of Kamil'in acilen dışarı çıkması gerekiyor.

to exit, to go out (of), to leaveçıkmak
to require, to be necessary, to be neededgerekmek

This is a peculiar verb in Turkish. It takes no passive suffix, yet it conveys the meaning of one. It is mostly used with a nominalized verb. For example:

Çıkmanız gerekiyor. Literally: 'Your leaving is necesary/is required.'

immediately, urgently, hastilyacilen

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