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Elimizdeki kaynaklar, ihtiyaçlarımıza göre kullanılmalı.

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WordElimizdeki kaynaklar, ihtiyaçlarımıza göre kullanılmalı.
MeaningThe resources in our hands should be used according to our needs.
Part of speechsentence

Breakdown of Elimizdeki kaynaklar, ihtiyaçlarımıza göre kullanılmalı.

resource, fundkaynak
need, necessity, requirementihtiyaç
according to, in compliance with, as togöre
"göre" comes after a noun in the dative form. For example Bana göre, according to me. Standartlara göre, according to the standards. Antlaşmaya göre, according to the treaty etc. etc.
to be used, to be made use ofkullanılmak
It is also idiomatically used to mean to be manipulated. For example if someone used you to acquire a position, you say "Kullanıldım."

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