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Lesson : The negative capability and possibility suffix 3

Fiil'i negate etmiyoruz, 2 capability suffix var aslında.

In the final part of the negation of capability, we will see how to negate both the suffix and the main verb, and what meaning does that give birth to.

When negating both of them, the -Ebil will again turn into -E, and then comes the negation -mE just like in negative 1. However, we add another -Ebil at the end so that we can make negative 3. Let's see how.

Turkish English
Positive yap-abil-ir-im I can do
Negative 3 yap-a-ma-y-abil-ir-im I might be not able to do

Don't make the long string of letters scare you. Every long word is breakable to it's suffixes, and each has a meaning or function. Progress at your own pace, take your time, no one's rushing.

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