Turkish 117 - The negative capability and possibility suffix 2

In this lesson you will learn about the second type of negation with the capability suffix, negating the main verb. In this form, you add the negation suffix -mE after the main verb, and you use the positive form -(y)Ebil of the capability suffix. Let's see.

Positiveyap-abil-ir-imI may/can do (it).
Negative 2yap-ma-y-abil-ir-imI may/might not do (it).

Negative 2 always conveys an ability or willingness not to do something, or a possibility that something may not happen. It does not convey the meaning of impossibility or unwillingness.

When used in past tense, it refers to something you were not sure could be avoided, but could. For example think of a meeting in which you think you will absolutely fart, but you must not. After the meeting, you notice that you haven't farted, so you can say osur-ma-y-abil-di-m, I was able to not fart.