Turkish 78 - The definite past of "to be"

Now we will learn the definite past of to be in Turkish. You create this form by adding the suffix -(y)Dİ after a noun or adjective, and then adding a personal suffix.

ben(y)DİmI was very fat.Çok şişmandım.
sen(y)DİnWhere were you?Neredeydin?
o(y)DİIt was closed.Kapalıydı.
biz(y)DİkWe were in China.Çin'deydik.
siz(y)DİnİzYou were ill.Hastaydınız.
onlar(y)Dİ(lEr)They were young.Gençtiler.

For the negative definite past form of to be, this suffix comes behind the word değil.

The greengrocery was not open.Manav açık değildi.
We were not here.Burada değildik.

Questions are formed by putting the suffix behind the question particle .

Was I a naughty child?Yaramaz (bir) çocuk muydum?
Were you lazy?Tembel miydin?
Wasn't he hardworking?Çalışkan değil miydi?
Were you a fisherman?Balıkçı mıydınız?
Weren't they tired?Yorgun değil miydiler?


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