Turkish 174 - Subordinating suffixes: -(y)İncE

In this lesson you will learn another suffix that turns verbs into adverbial clauses. -(y)İncE, like -DİğİndE, is used to talk about time. It is usually translated as 'when'. -(y)İncE is mostly used for talking about two events happening in succession. The verb that has -(y)İncE occurs before than the main verb. Let's see some examples:

Köpek havlayınca Eylem korktu.When the dog barked, Eylem got scared.
Onlar [yeni öğrendikleri dans hareketi]ni gösterince hepimiz kıkırdadık.When they showed [the dance move that they recently learned], we all chuckled.

Notice how the verbs with -(y)İncE has no person or tense marker. We always interpret the clause with -(y)İncE in accord with the context.