Turkish 179 - How to make conditional sentences 5

In this lesson, we move on to knowable conditional sentences. Predictive sentences state a condition that may or may not happen in the future (open, generic, habitual), or a hypothetical world (counterfactual). Knowable conditional sentences on the other hand states a condition that is (surprise surprise) knowable. So in their essence, predictives predict what would happen if the condition is fulfilled, while knowables know what happened if the condition is fulfilled.

When making knowable conditionals, we always use the conditional copula -(y)sE, attached to the following:

  1. Any tense/aspect/modality marker (e.g. present (unmarked), -(İ)yor, -EcEk, -Dİ, etc.).
  2. After değil.
  3. After var or yok.
  4. After the past copula -(y)Dİ and the evidential copula -(y)mİş.

In this and the next lesson, you will see examples for each listed item.


Müsaitseniz annem ziyarete gelecek.If you are available, my mother will come visit.
Arkadaşın avukatsa beni arayabilir mi lütfen?If your friend is a lawyer, can s/he call me please?


Musluk sızdırıyorsa bir tamirci çağıralım.If the faucet is leaking let's call a repairman.
Yemek istiyorsan kendin yap.If you want food, cook it yourself.


Kıyafetlerim yüzünden yargılanacaksam, partiye gelmem.If I will be judged because of my clothes, I won't come to the party.
Böyle sinirlenecekseniz oynamayalım.If you are going to get mad like this, let's not play.

The rest will follow in the next lesson.