Turkish 156 - Discussing with -ce and -E göre

The Turkish language has two ways of saying according to X or in X's opinion. The first is with the suffix -ce, which can be placed after personal pronouns.

according to me, in my opinion
according to you, in your opinion
according to us, in our opinion
according to you, in your opinion

Note that you cannot use this construction for the third person. In that case we need to use the construction -E göre. We can also use -E göre for the first and second person.

According to me, you are right.
Bana göre haklısınız.
According to Kamil, ISIS is a good organization.
Kamil'e göre IŞİD iyi bir organizasyon.
According to her, Kamil is a handsome man.
Ona göre, Kamil yakışıklı bir adam.