Turkish 131 - Birbiri and its variations

In Turkish we say birbiri instead of "each other" or "one another". It is mostly used when the verb that is used cannot take the reciprocal suffix, or when it gets a whole new meaning if it does. And it mostly goes together with ile.

Since there are at least two people present when you use birbiri, there are no conjugations for singulars.

Conjugation of birbiriSingularPlural
First person-birbirimiz
Second person-birbiriniz
Third person-birbirleri

Let's consider the verb yapmak. One would expect that doing something reciprocally would be yapışmak, however yapışmak means to stick, to adhere to something. Therefore we have to use birbirimiz in the following sentence, as we cannot use the word yapışmak:

Röportajı birbirimiz ile yaptık.We interviewed each other.