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Lesson 10: The present tense in -ar 2

Now you will learn the conjugations of regular verbs ending in -ar in the present tense for all persons, including plural persons. Below you can see the endings for each person.

Replace -ar with Singular Plural
First person -o -amos
Second person -as -áis
Third person -a -an

Beneath you can see examples of the conjugated verb hablar. Note that the polite forms usted and ustedes use third instead of second person conjugations.

Personal subject pronouns Singular Plural
First person (Yo) hablo.
I speak.
(Nosotros/nosotras) hablamos.
We speak.
Second person (Tú) hablas.
(Usted) habla.
You speak.
(Vosotros/vosotras) habláis.
(Ustedes) hablan.
You speak.
Third person (Él/ella) habla.
He/she speaks.
(Ellos/ellas) hablan.
They speak.
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