Spanish 19 - Questions

To transform a Spanish sentence containing hay into a question, you don't change the word order. It is enough just to use a different intonation. Questions start with an upside down question mark when written.

Is there bread on the table?¿Hay pan en la mesa?
No, there is not.No. No hay.
Are there many drunkards in the city?¿Hay muchos borrachos en la ciudad?
Yes, there are.Sí. Hay.

When asking questions using other verbs, the verb normally comes at the beginning of the sentence.

Does the cat eat bread?¿Come el gato pan?
Do you speak English?¿Habla usted Inglés?

In reality, the word order when forming questions with other verbs than hay is more flexible. Changing the order to verb, then subject and then object is the most common way however, and will be the default way to do it in our lessons.