Spanish 43 - Professions

the profession, the occupation
la profesión
What is your profession?
¿Cuál es su profesión?
the author; the writer
el autor
the author; the writerFEM
la autora
the teacher; the professor
el profesor
the teacher; the professorFEM
la profesora
the doctor, the physician
el médico
the doctorFEM
la médica
the doctor, the physician; the Ph. D.
el doctor
the doctor, the physician; the Ph. D.FEM
la doctora
the chief, the boss; the manager
el jefe
the chief, the boss; the managerFEM
la jefa
the director, the manager
el director
the director, the managerFEM
la directora
the teacher
el maestro
the teacherFEM
la maestra
the writer
el escritor
the writerFEM
la escritora
the policeman
el policía
the policewoman
la policía
the owner, the landlord
el dueño
the owner, the landlordFEM
la dueña