Spanish 43 - Professions

the profession, the occupationla profesión
What is your profession?¿Cuál es su profesión?
the author; the writerel autor
the author; the writerFEMla autora
the teacher; the professorel profesor
the teacher; the professorFEMla profesora
the doctor, the physicianel médico
the doctorFEMla médica
the doctor, the physician; the Ph. D.el doctor
the doctor, the physician; the Ph. D.FEMla doctora
the chief, the boss; the managerel jefe
the chief, the boss; the managerFEMla jefa
the director, the managerel director
the director, the managerFEMla directora
the teacherel maestro
the teacherFEMla maestra
the writerel escritor
the writerFEMla escritora
the policemanel policía
the policewomanla policía
the owner, the landlordel dueño
the owner, the landlordFEMla dueña