Spanish 59 - Prepositions 2

according to; depending onsegún
the land; the ground; the earthla tierra
the Earthla Tierra
the moonla luna
around, roundalrededor
to spin; to turn; to rotate, to revolvegirar
According to him, the Earth revolves around the moon.Según él, la Tierra gira alrededor la luna.
after, behindtras
to forgetolvidar
little, not much; few, not manypoco
to be left; to stay, to remainquedar
There is little water left.Queda poca agua.
a little, a bitun poco
Day after day, I forget her a bit more.Día tras día, la olvido un poco más.
the companyla compañia
Our company is behind the theater.Nuestra compañia está tras el teatro.
by means ofmediante
I travel by means of a bicycle.Viajo mediante una bicicleta.
except, except forexcepto
all; everyone, everybodytodos
Everyone except for you is here.Todos excepto tú están aquí.