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Lesson 29: Possessive determiners

In this lesson you will learn the Spanish possessive determiners, which are used to convey possession.

Possessive determiners Singular Plural
First person mi
Second person tu, su
vuestro, su
Third person su
his, her, its

Spanish possessive determiners agree with the gender and number of the noun they modify. In other words, they change based on the whether the thing that is possessed is plural or singular, and whether it is masculine or feminine. Possessive determiners do not change based on the gender of the possessor, only based on the thing that is possessed.

mi libro mi casa mis libros mis casas
tu libro tu casa tus libros tus casas
su libro su casa sus libros sus casas
nuestro libro nuestra casa nuestros libros nuestras casas
vuestro libro vuestra casa vuestros libros vuestras casas
su libro su casa sus libros sus casas
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