Spanish 46 - General pronouns and double negation

nothing, anything, nonenada
I have nothing.Tengo nada.
something, anythingalgo
Do you have something to eat?¿Tienes algo de comer?
No. I don't have anything.No. No tengo nada.
no one, nobody, anyone, anybodynadie
There is no one.Hay nadie.
someone, somebody; anyone, anybodyalguien
Is there anyone here?¿Hay alguien aquí?
No. There isn't anybody here.No. No hay nadie aquí.
the bag, the sackla bolsa
the handbagel bolso
some, some of italguno
some, some of themalgunos
I have some in my handbag.Tengo algunos en mi bolso.
none, none of themninguno
None of those men work.Ninguno de esos hombres trabajan.