Spanish 62 - Counting from 100 to 999

Counting from 100 to 900 is easy, except for some exceptions.

one hundredcien
two hundreddoscientos
three hundredtrescientos
four hundredcuatrocientos
five hundredquinientos
six hundredseiscientos
seven hundredsetecientos
eight hundredochocientos
nine hundrednovecientos

When a number ends in (c)ientos and is followed by a feminine noun, (c)ientos changes into (c)ientas.

seven hundred housessetecientas casas

When a number does not end in (c)ientos, this change does not occur when followed by a feminine noun. Also note that unlike tenfolds, hundredfolds and numbers following them are not separated by an y

five hundred forty-three housesquinientos cuarenta y tres casas
nine hundred ninenovecientos nueve