Spanish 38 - Conjunctions 2: And, or

The Spanish word for and is y. In front of a word that starts with i or hi, we translate and with e instead of y, except when the words starts with hie, then we do use y.

I speak English and Spanish.Hablo inglés y español.
I speak Spanish and English.Hablo español e inglés.
I have many sons and daughters.Tengo muchos hijos e hijas.
We have water and ice.Tenemos agua y hielo.

The Spanish word for or is o. In front of a word that starts with o or ho, it is u instead of o.

Do you speak English or spanish?Habla (usted) inglés o español?
We have seven or eight pesos.Tenemos siete u ocho pesos.
Are you coming tomorrow or today?Venís mañana u hoy.