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Lesson 16: Adjectives


In Spanish, adjectives normally come after the nouns they describe. Adjectives change both with the gender and the number of the noun they describe.

Adjectives that end in o have four forms, which change according to gender and number in exactly the same way as you would expect from nouns.

the crazy catel gato loco
the crazy catla gata loca
the crazy catslos gatos locos
the crazy catslas gatas locas

Adjectives that end in another vowel do not change with gender, but do change with number, by taking an -s at the end.

the big catel gato grande
the big catla gata grande
the big catslos gatos grandes
the big catslas gatas grandes

Most of the adjectives that end in a consonant do not change with gender either, but do change with number, by taking -es at the end. Some do change with gender however, and we will always teach you both the masculine and feminine form of these adjectives.

the social catel gato social
the social catla gata social
the social catslos gatos sociales
the social catslas gatas sociales
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