Korean 12 - I want to...

여러분 안녕하세요 yeoreobun anyeonghaseyo Hello everybody !

Let's do something exciting! Let's learn how to say what we want to do. It is pretty easy. It is simply adding a little 'end formular' to our verb. Actually most of Korean is about adding little verb endings, you are going to see this in futur lessons. That is the fun part of the Korean language: one little formular - thousands of new possibilities for expressing things :D

So let's go for it right away. 'to want to' is:

- 고 싶어요 -go shipeoyo

If our verb is 가다 kada - to go

We drop the -da which is the infinitive ending and add our new formular instead.

가고 싶어요 kago shipeoyo - I want to go.

Ooooh. High time I introduce a new letter. Finally we have a decent 'p', not just a 'b- at word start'.

ㅍ = p

Let's do another a-verb

사다 sada - to buy

사고 싶어요 sago shipeoyo - I want to buy.

가게에 가고 싶어요. 바나나를 사고 싶어요. Kage-e kago shipeoyo. Panana-reul sago shipeoyo. - I want to go to the shop. I want to buy bananas.

I bet you were dying to be able to say this in Korean. XD

This lesson has no exercises.