Korean 13 - on top, under and inside

on top of위에wie
on top of the table탁자 위에takja wie
Where is the book?책이 어디에 있어요?chaegi eodie isseoyo?
The book is on the table.책이 탁차 위에 있어요.chaegi takcha wie isseoyo.
under (m)밑에mite
under (m) the table탁자 밑에takja mite
under (a)아래arae
under the table탁자 아래takja arae
inside the bag가방 안에gabang ane
Where is the cat?고양이는 어디에 있어요?goyangineun eodie isseoyo?
The cat is in the bag.고양기가 가방 안에 있어요.goyanggiga gabang ane isseoyo.
Where is the bag?가방은 어디에 있어요?gabangeun eodie isseoyo?
The bag is under the table.가방이 탁자 밑에 있어요.gabangi takja mite isseoyo.
Where is the table?탁자는 어디에 있어요?takjaneun eodie isseoyo?
The table is in the room.탁자가 방에 있어요.takjaga bange isseoyo.
방 안에 would be correct too, but that is more precision than actually needed. 'Inside the room' vs 'in the room'. So if I had to insist that the table is inside and not outside I would use 'pang an-e'
Where is the room?방은 어디에 있어요?bangeun eodie isseoyo?
The room is in the house.방이 집에 있어요.bangi jibe isseoyo.
Where is the house?집은 어디에 있어요?jibeun eodie isseoyo?
The house is in Seoul.집이 서울에 있어요.jibi seoure isseoyo.
Where is Seoul?서울은 어디에 있어요?seoureun eodie isseoyo?
Seoul is in Korea.서울이 한국에 있어요.seouri hanguge isseoyo.
Where is Korea?한국 어디에 있어요?hanguk eodie isseoyo?
Korea is on the map.한국이 지도에 있어요.hangugi jido-e isseoyo.
I don't use 'wi-e' here. It is not as if I said, there is a sandwich laying on top of the map. :D
Where is the map?지도는 어디에 있어요?jidoneun eodie isseoyo?
The map is on the desk.지도기 책상 위에 있어요.jidogi chaeksang wie isseoyo.
Where is the desk?책상 어디에 있어요?chaeksang eodie isseoyo?
The desk is at school.책상은 학교에 있어요?chaeksangeun hakgyoe isseoyo?
Ooh here is the cat.오 여기 고양이가 있어요.o yeogi goyangiga isseoyo.