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Lesson 264: Without doing: ないで

The structure A + ~ないで + B means to do B without doing A.

It is used with a verb in the plain negative form + ~で + a second verb. The second verb can be in any tense and can be either formal or informal.

As for tea, I drink it without putting any milk in. ちゃは、ぎゅうにゅうれないでみます。
otya ha, gyuunyuu wo irenaide nomimasu.
I didn’t watch the weather forecast this morning. I left without taking an umbrella. てんほうませんでした。かさたないでました。
kesa ha tenkiyohou wo mimasen desita. kasa wo motanaide demasita.
Because I was drunk, I went to sleep without getting undressed. 酔っよっぱらいだったから、がないでた。
yopparai datta kara, nuganaide neta.
I’m always late. Every morning, I go to work without eating breakfast. いつもおそいだ。まいあさあさごはんをべないでごとく。
itumo osoi da. maiasa, asagohan wo tabenaide sigoto ni iku.
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