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Lesson 231: Verb + の + like/dislike


In a previous lesson we learned that we can nominalize verbs, which means turning them into nouns, by attaching after the plain form. We used this to express skill at doing an activity.

We can use the same pattern to express our like or dislike of a certain activity. To say that you like doing something, we simply use a verb in the plain form + のが. Similarly, if you don’t like something, you can use plain form + のがきら.

We already knew how to say I like movies. Now we're also able to say I like watching movies.

(I) like movies.えい が き。
eiga ga suki.
(I) like watching movies.えい を るの が き。
eiga wo miruno ga suki.
I like eating with chopsticks.はし で べるの が き。
hasi de taberuno ga suki.
(My) girlfriend hates driving at night.かのじょ は よる に うんてんするの が きらい です。
kanozyo ha yoru ni untensuruno ga kirai desu.
(I) like traveling by steam train.しゃ で りょこうするの が き。
kisya de ryokousuruno ga suki.
(I) don't like studying.べんきょうするの が きらい です。
benkyousuruno ga kirai desu.
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