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Lesson 94: Using 〜間 to indicate duration

You have already learned to tell time with the counters and ふん. Using the suffix かん, you can change a time into a duration of time. Check out the two sentences below to see how かん modifies the meaning of the second sentence.

English Japanese
I ate at one o'clock. いちべました。
itizi ni tabemasita.
I ate for one hour. いちかんべました。
itizikan tabemasita.

Below are more examples of sentences using the suffix かん.

English Japanese
How many hours did you play tennis? なんかんテニスをしましたか?
nanzikan tenisu wo simasita ka?
It takes 30 minutes. さんじゅっぷんかんかかります。
sanzyuppunkan kakarimasu.
We watched TV for two hours and ten minutes. わたしたちはかんじゅっぷんテレビをました。
watasitati ha nizikan zyuppun terebi wo mimasita.
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