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Lesson 94: Using 〜間 to indicate duration


You have already learned to tell time with the counters and ふん. Using the suffix かん, you can change a time into a duration of time. Check out the two sentences below to see how かん modifies the meaning of the second sentence.

I ate at one o'clock.いち に べました。
itizi ni tabemasita.
I ate for one hour.いちかん べました。
itizikan tabemasita.

Below are more examples of sentences using the suffix かん.

How many hours did you play tennis?なんかん テニス を しました か?
nanzikan tenisu wo simasita ka?
It takes 30 minutes.さんじゅっぷんかん かかります。
sanzyuppunkan kakarimasu.
We watched TV for two hours and ten minutes.わたしたち は かん じゅっぷん テレビ を ました。
watasitati ha nizikan zyuppun terebi wo mimasita.
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