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Lesson 192: Traffic directions and the waypoint particle を


In this lesson you will learn to give and understand traffic directions. Take a look at the following sentences:

Please turn right at that corner.あの かど を みぎ に がって ください。
ano kado wo migi ni magatte kudasai.
Go straight at the traffic light.しんごう を まっすぐ って ください。
singou wo massugu itte kudasai.

Even though normally the word at is translated with or with , in the above sentences the particle is used.

The particle is often used to indicate motion through something, and together with motion verbs often means through, from or past. The particle indicates a point that is between the origin, which would be marked with the particle から, and the destination, which would be marked with the particle or .

(We) ran through the forest.はやし を はしりました。
hayasi wo hasirimasita.
The canoe went down the river.カヌー は かわ を くだった。
kanuu ha kawa wo kudatta.
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