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Lesson 62: The word ちょっと


ちょっと is one of the most commonly used words in the Japanese language. It essentially means a little bit; however, it is also regularly used to soften one's tone when making a request or to refuse a request in a polite manner.

She did a little shopping.かのじょ は ちょっと もの を しました。
kanozyo ha tyotto kaimono wo simasita.
You speak Japanese a little.あなた は ちょっと ほん を はなします。
anata ha tyotto nihongo wo hanasimasu.
This umbrella was a little expensive.この かさ は ちょっと たかかった です。
kono kasa ha tyotto takakatta desu.
A: What about tomorrow?
B: Tomorrow is a little ...
A: した は? B: した は ちょっと。。。
A: asita ha? B: asita ha tyotto...

In the last example, A proposes tomorrow to B (as a date to do something). B politely refuses by uttering the incomplete sentence したはちょっと… The o sound at the end of ちょっと is a bit extended.

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