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Lesson 175: The subject particle が revisited


As mentioned earlier, the particle is used when the subject is a piece of new information. This causes the following two sentences to be different.

The rain is falling.As for the rain, it's fallingあめ は って います。
ame ha hutte imasu.
It's raining.あめ が って います。
ame ga hutte imasu.
The rain is new information, so we use the particle が

In the first sentence, the rain is the topic, already known to the speaker and the listener. In the second sentence the rain is a new piece of information.

Then look at the sentences below. In the sentences using , the subject is not new information. In the sentences using , the subject is new information.

He finally did it.かれ は ついに しました。
kare ha tuini simasita.
It is he who did it.かれ が しました。
kare ga simasita.
She is a teacher.かのじょ は せんせい です。
kanozyo ha sensei desu.
She is the teacher.かのじょ が せんせい です。
kanozyo ga sensei desu.

It's possible for the particle to appear in a sentence multiple times.

It is Yuko whose eyes are big.ゆこ さん が  が おおきい です。
yuko san ga me ga ookii desu.
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