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Lesson 181: The Plain Form II: Adjectival sentences

In this lesson you'll learn the plain form of adjectives.

For い-adjectives, the です ending is dropped.

For な-adjectives, the ending です is replaced with the plain form or じゃ ない if the adjective is negative.

Below is a table comparing the neutral form with the plain form.

English Japanese
Here, summer is very hot. ここはなつがとてもあつい。
koko ha natu ga totemo atui.
The new film is not bad. あたらしいえいわるくない。
atarasii eiga ha waruku nai.
Something is strange. なにへんだよ。
nanika hen da yo.
The situation is not pretty. じょうきょうはきれいじゃない。
zyoukyou ha kirei zya nai.
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