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Lesson 181: The Plain Form II: Adjectival sentences


In this lesson you'll learn the plain form of adjectives.

For い-adjectives, the です ending is dropped.

For な-adjectives, the ending です is replaced with the plain form or じゃ ない if the adjective is negative.

Below is a table comparing the neutral form with the plain form.

Here, summer is very hot.ここ は なつ が とても あつい。
koko ha natu ga totemo atui.
The new film is not bad.あたらしい えい は わるく ない。
atarasii eiga ha waruku nai.
Something is strange.なにか へん だ よ。
nanika hen da yo.
The situation is not pretty.じょうきょう は きれい じゃ ない。
zyoukyou ha kirei zya nai.
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