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Lesson 50: The origin particle から

In a previous lesson you learned the particles and for indicating a destination in Japanese. In this lesson you will learn about the particle から, which is used to indicate the origin of a movement.

English Japanese
(I) came from the United States to Japan. べいこくからほんました。
beikoku kara nihon ni kimasita.
(I) will go from the shop to the university. みせからだいがくきます。
omise kara daigaku he ikimasu.

To say that person X is from country Y, we can say XはYからました.

English Japanese
Mr. Yamashita is from Japan. やましたさんはほんからました。
yamasita san ha nihon kara kimasita.
I am from the US. わたしべいこくからました。
watasi ha beikoku kara kimasita.

The さん that you see after やました is the most common honorific, or title, used when talking about other people to show respect. It can be used with either a first or last name. You should never use さん after your own name and you should almost never refer to someone else without using an honorific.

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