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Lesson 43: The location particles に and で


We use the particle for saying that something is present at a certain location.

I am in the United States.べいこく に います。
beikoku ni imasu.
I have a car at home.うち に くるま が あります。
uti ni kuruma ga arimasu.

Note how あります is translated with to have in the sentence above. To have is a second meaning of the verb ある.

When an event or action is happening at a particular place, we use the particle instead of .

I will buy rice at the shop.みせ で こめ を います。
omise de kome wo kaimasu.
I drank a beverage at home.うち で もの を みました。
uti de nomimono wo nomimasita.

Note the in front of みせ. The is an honorific prefix, showing respect to the person or object you are talking about. There are several words that commonly go together with this prefix. For example, it can also come in front of みず to make みず. Using is polite, and in casual speech you would just say みず and みせ.

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