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Lesson 44: The destination particles に and へ

The particles and are used to indicate movement towards a destination. In the case of movement towards a destination, the particles can be used interchangeably.

English Japanese
I am going to the shop. みせきます。
mise ni ikimasu.
I went to the university. だいがくきました。
daigaku ni ikimasita.
When did you go to the United States? いつべいこくきましたか?
itu beikoku he ikimasita ka?
I often go to China. ちゅうごくへよくきます。
tyuugoku he yoku ikimasu.

In Japanese, whether you use 行く or 来る depends on the viewpoint of the speaker. If there is movement towards the speaker, you use 来る and if there is movement away from the speaker, you use 行く. This explains the sentence below, which sounds unintuitive to English speakers.

English Japanese
I'll come to your home tomorrow. したあなたのうちにきます。
asita anata no uti ni ikimasu.
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