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Lesson 92: The adjective いい

いい is the Japanese adjective for good. It is one of only a few irregular adjectives that change when they are conjugated. In the case of いい, both the negative and past-tense conjugations are irregular.

Positive Negative
Present いい くない
Past かった くなかった
English Japanese
Great! いいね!
ii ne!
This book isn't good. このほんはよくないです。
kono hon ha yoku nai desu.
The weather was not good. てんはよくなかったです。
tenki ha yoku nakatta desu.
It was a buffet, but the quality was good. バイキングでしたけど、クオリティはよかったです。
baikingu desita kedo, kuorithi ha yokatta desu.
Excuse me, are you free? ちょっといいですか?
tyotto ii desu ka?

The phrase ちょっといいですか? is a polite way of saying Excuse me, do you have a moment? if you want to speak to someone.

When you want to say that a food is good, use the word おいしい and not いい.

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