51. Relative positions

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Lesson 51: Relative positions

To tell that object A is in a certain position relative to object B, we can say AはBの…です, as you can see in the table below.

English Japanese
The book is on the desk. ほんつくえうえです。
hon ha tukue no ue desu.
There is a dog under the desk. つくえしたいぬがいます。
tukue no sita ni inu ga imasu.
The cucumbers are inside the box. きゅうりははこなかです。
kyuuri ha hako no naka desu.
The bank is to the left of the university. ぎんこうだいがくひだりです。
ginkou ha daigaku no hidari desu.
The onions are to the right of the cucumbers. たまねぎはきゅうりのみぎです。
tamanegi ha kyuuri no migi desu.
The umbrella is in front of the box. かさはこまえです。
kasa ha hako no mae desu.
It's behind the bank. ぎんこううしろです。
ginkou no usiro desu.

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