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Lesson 69: Numbers from 11 to 99

Numbers above 10 are normally written in Western Arabic numerals for conciseness. However, in this course we will use the traditional way of writing numbers with kanji, because this will give you more practice. The way we count in Japanese resembles the way we count in English, but is more regular, as you can see when looking at the table below.

English Japanese
11 じゅういち
zyuu iti
19 じゅうきゅう
zyuu kyuu
25 じゅう
nizyuu go
48 よんじゅうはち
yonzyuu hati
62 ろくじゅう
rokuzyuu ni
73 ななじゅうさん
nanazyuu san

Note that forty is よんじゅう and not じゅう, and seventy is ななじゅう and not しちじゅう.

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